Natural Organic Deodorant by Plainville Homestead
Natural Organic Deodorant by Plainville Homestead

Natural Organic Deodorant by Plainville Homestead

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Most commercial deodorants contain aluminum as an active ingredient and other synthetic fragrances. Why are we saying "no, thank you" to aluminum? It is actually toxic to the body! It has been linked to a number of health issues, like breast cancer, Alzheimer's, bone disorders, and kidney problems.

These deodorants do not contain any chemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and of course aluminum. We chose not to use baking soda in our formula, as it can be skin irritant for some. We handcraft all of our items using organic ingredients and try to buy locally whenever possible. Our deodorants are made right in our home so we can control what goes into our products: the best. Always organic, always natural, always chemical free.

Why we chose our ingredients:
• organic shea butter: moisturizing, smoothing, and anti-inflammatory
• organic coconut oil: naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and extremely hydrating
• organic arrowroot powder: helps to absorb the coconut oil and sweat for a fresh, clean feeling
• bentonite clay: detoxify and draw out impurities to rid those stinky toxins
• organic essential oils: add fragrance to the deodorant, while also considering the benefits each oil has to offer to the final product = anti-fungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial, etc.

The "Spring Cleanse" is a blend of geranium rose, grapefruit, and lemongrass essential oils, creating a light floral scent with hints of citrus. The texture is smooth and moisturizing, and glides on effortlessly.

The "Citrus Detox" is a blend of tea tree, lemon, tangerine, and peppermint essential oils, a fresh, herbal, citrus scent with the slightest undertone of mint, making it a perfect unisex fragrance.

Cera alba (organic beeswax), cocos nucifera (organic coconut) oil, butyrospermum parkii (organic shea) butter, bentonite clay, maranta arundinaceae (organic arrowroot) powder, pelargonium capitatum (organic geranium rose) oil, citrus paradisi (organic pink grapefruit) peel oil, cymbopogon schoenanthus (organic lemongrass) oil, tocopherol (vitamin E).