Emily's Super-Dry Soother

Emily's Super-Dry Soother

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Emily's Super-Dry Soother is designed with ANY type of severe dryness in mind; feet, hands, elbows, cracked, chapped—you get the idea. It is made of organic sunflower oil, beeswax, frankincense, rhubarb root, red peony root, dandelion, and essential oils of bergamot and lavender. Your skin will thank you.

The Super-Dry Soother Is Made Of Just 8 Ingredients: ; Organic Sunflower Oil ; Beeswax ; Frankincense ; Red Peony Root ; Rhubarb Root ; Dandelion ; Essential Oils Of Lavender And Bergamot There Is Absolutely Nothing Else In It.

  • Super-Dry Soother
  • Essential Oils Of Lavender And Bergamot
  • Frankincense And Red Peony Root
  • Dandelion And Rhubarb Root

Emily's does not add anything unnecessary, so our products do not have colorants, added fragrance, preservative or any unpronounceable nasties.