Cal-Gel 333mg Softgels
Cal-Gel 333mg Softgels
Cal-Gel 333mg Softgels

Cal-Gel 333mg Softgels

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Why is Cal-Gel different from most calcium products?

  1. Contains 6 different types of easy to absorb calcium
  2. Contains 1000 i.u vitamin D3
  3. Contains 3 types of magnesium for good absorption
  4. Contains boron-supports hormone production which supports healthy bones
  5. Contains vitamin K to support production of protein in bones (osteolacin)
  6. Contains horsetail-a rich natural source of silica to support healthy connective tissue
Many people find that the calcium tablets they have taken are hard to swallow, stick in their throat, make them constipated and have stopped taking them.  This is usually due to poor formulation of the product.  

Our bodies need calcium, magnesium, D3, silica and boron to help form strong bones. 

Cal-gel is formulated to contain all of these.  One gelcap 3 times a day provides the proper balance of all of these necessary nutrients in the proper forms.  It is a liquid in a soft gelcap, so it is easy to swallow, and easy to digest and absorb.  Due to the balanced formulation, there is no stomach upset or constipation.

Free of yeast, salt, wheat, gluten, milk, preservatives, artificial colors-flavors, lactose-free.


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